Leadership Lewisville-Clemmons kicking off soon

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 2, 2021

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By Denise Heidel
Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce

Leadership Lewisville-Clemmons was a program adopted by the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce in 2019, and since then the program has graduated 33 emerging leaders in the Lewisville and Clemmons communities. The third program year of Leadership Lewisville-Clemmons will be starting in October, and for anyone who has a vested interest in the future of Lewisville and Clemmons, this is a must-do investment for themselves and the future of our communities.

The Leadership Lewisville-Clemmons program is organized by a group of committed professionals who have first-hand experience of a leadership program’s impact on a community and a person’s personal and professional development.  Program content is designed to enrich the participant’s understanding of how the communities operate and the why’s behind our community leaders’ decisions.

The Leadership Lewisville-Clemmons program outline includes:

  • Oct. 5 is an overview of the program, teaching participants how to communicate effectively and make the most of networking, leadership skills, and more.
  • Nov. 10 is Government Day, where leaders of the Lewisville and Clemmons communities explain the who, what, when, where, what, and whys of the government operations.
  • Dec. 7 is Economic Development Day. This day gives program participants a great understanding of how our economies are developed, how commerce is developed and encouraged, and how the decisions of our local leaders shape the economy.
  • Jan. 4 is Social and Human Services Day and promises an impactful look at the services offered through the communities and how these impact others.
  • Feb. 1, Education Day is about our schools operate in Lewisville and Clemmons and the impact on our students.
  • March 1 is about the real estate market, relocation, and the program touches on how employment impacts the town of Lewisville and village of Clemmons.
  • April 5 is Health Day, where participants learn about health care services in the community and concerns unique to Lewisville and Clemmons.
  • On May 3, the program wraps up on Day 8 with Small Group presentations and graduation.

This program is very much a “drinking from the firehose” kind of experience, but those who have completed the program agree that it’s been an incredible investment. The program registration is closing soon, and applications must be received by Sept. 10.

The program is $850, but for those who are members of the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce, the rate is $700. Additionally, the program is made possible by generous sponsorships from Novant Health, Marzano Capital Group, Piedmont Federal Savings Bank, Fairway Mortgage, and Hunter Realty.

If you’re interested in registering to be a part of Leadership Lewisville-Clemmons, apply online at Tinyurl.com/LLC2021-22 (again, by Sept. 10).  Questions may be directed to Denise Heidel, the program coordinator of Leadership Lewisville-Clemmons (Denise@LeadershipLC.com).

What some of the program graduates have to say about Leadership Lewisville-Clemmons

  • “If you’re interested in learning about leadership, or growing yourself as a person, and you just aren’t sure what those next steps are going to look like in your life, this program is wonderful to give you a lot of different paths that you can take to act as a leader in our community.” — Candice Babusiak, Rick Babusiak State Farm Insurance
  • “I didn’t know anyone in the program when I started it, but meeting people through the program has been one of my favorite things. There are people I met who I can communicate with on Facebook, or if I need advice on certain things, there are people I know who to call now. Also, it was good to meet some of the town leaders and learn what they do behind the scenes.” — Mike Nuckolls, Newcastle Counseling and Development
  • “Common unity — that community feeling that everybody talks about. We all live here and we live here for a reason. We like it. And because we love it. We want to see it sustainable and continue to move forward. And the only way you can have it move forward is to give back and be a part of it.” — Eric Hermanson, Piedmont Federal Savings Bank
  • “If you live or work in the Lewisville or Clemmons area, go for it! You’re going to learn a ton of information that I guarantee you didn’t know!” — Brooke Eagle, Forsyth Magazines

Denise Heidel is interim executive director of the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce.