Letters to the editor — Oct. 14

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 14, 2021

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Cameron brings experience, wealth of knowledge

Clemmons will have an election on Nov. 2, and we will be voting for mayor and council. It gives me great pleasure to once again endorse Mary Cameron for seat a on the Clemmons Village Council. Cameron brings experience, dedication and a wealth of knowledge to the council. Her willingness to serve certainly indicates her concern for this village and its people. Now that we are a well-established municipality, strong responsible leadership is more important than ever. There is never a time to become complacent. Cameron will see that we plan for the future as we maintain what we are currently enjoying here in Clemmons. What a great place to live!

Voting is a responsibility and a privilege, as we all know. Please take time to vote. Be informed, responsible and proactive. Vote for Mary Cameron on Nov. 2.

— Susan D. Jones

Listen to those with other views

After watching the Clemmons Village Council, I found I had two questions. First, some context:

On Oct. 11, the council gave audience to a speaker who’s lengthy speech promoted her belief that the council should vote to join the earth warmers by resolving to support environmental sustainability. She sought to get her audience to infer that a local resolution was going to save the world. Oh c’mon, she did too! Do you recall that she referred to the terrible pollution in Shanghai and “India” (really – all of India?). Her explanation was sloppy and someone with less of the credentials she claimed to have could disrupt her points. For example, the Paris climate accords have already been reached by the U.S., even if we chose not to join it. Perhaps, she should address Chinese and Indian leaders. Oh right, the real polluters won’t listen to her but Clemmons Village Council should?

If the council is willing to listen to this earth warmer, how about giving as much time to the other views such as those who say the earth is not warming or that humanity has no role in earth’s warming or cooling?

Is the council open to hearing others who believe that a possible warming cycle is something about the huge planet that has historically moved through warming and cooling? There are many scientists who distribute publications and give speeches stating the opposite of the earth warmers. If the council is willing to hear one position shouldn’t they listen to all of them? Frankly, I thought there were higher priorities for council.

Since the middle class of the U.S., along with its private enterprises, have done more than almost all countries to make sure emissions, water quality and consumer activities are clean, perhaps the woke people should go speak to Presidents Xi and Modi. All treaties on this subject going back to President Clinton have always pushed against the U.S. and not the big polluters. Now that Clemmons raised our property taxes by 30%, I am sure some Clemmons leaders want to spend more on the woke folks.

— Paul Johnson