Monster Dash and Goblin Hop Around the Village — free family event

Published 11:44 pm Saturday, October 16, 2021

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CLEMMONS — The numbers, experts and CDC guidance have steered us to pivot from a scary super spreader event to a safer yet fun Monster Dash and Goblin Hop this year. There will be a Monster Dash and Goblin Hop…Around the Village.

Forty monsters are on the loose in the Village of Clemmons. The friendly monsters are on display at businesses and organizations throughout town. From now until Oct. 31, families are invited to find the monsters using the clues below. Individuals can print and drop off an entry form to name all 40 locations at Village Hall or the Jerry Long Family YMCA by Oct. 31 to be entered into a drawing to win a special Clemmons-themed gift basket. Go to for all of the details.

A special thank you to the host businesses and organizations — look for a special tag as many are offering a special treat if you go inside.

1.  Bumpy Squirt Dragon loves to tell time,
He even helped to teach us how to bust out a rhyme. Clue: Large clock

2. Socki Dream Charmer will grant you a wish,
She sprinkles good luck around the areas you fish. Clue: Along the greenway

3. Smelly Count Broccula loves the smell of dirt,
The sweet sound of a tractor makes him alert. Clue: Farmers Market

4. Sassy Blonde Ghoul loves to brush through her hair,
She has twinkly eyes and skin that’s so fair. Clue: Salon

5. Stinky La Roster loves to fly a plane,
He likes hanging around kids with a big brain. Clue: Elementary school

6. Zippy Wild Roar loves to toss the football,
He is so active, he may be climbing a wall. Clue: Jerry Long Family YMCA

7. Happy Hairy Hugh loves to spread good will,
You will find him helping others or giving a kneel. Clue: Place of worship

8. Iggy Strong Bones likes to play in the creek,
And can always be found near a sweet treat! Clue: Bakery and deli
9. Savvy Slimey Stickly loves to count bills,
Hearing coins clank, gives him the feels. Clue: Bank in the Piedmont

10. Hippy La Howard’s favorite season is summer,
If he doesn’t hear owls, he thinks it’s a bummer. Clue: Elementary school

11. Chantilly Pink Polly is always a buzz,
After sipping expresso, you should see what she does. Clue: Coffee shop

12. Rainbow Lucky Loofah never looks the same,
Finding a great deal is always her game. Clue: Children’s consignment store

13. Harry Herman Ghoulsby loves a good set of wheels,
His daredevil stunts makes every mom squeal. Clue: Bicycle store

14. Tiny McMonster is a fan of the cold,
She loves to twirl and her flavors are bold. Clue: Frozen treat store

15. Fancy Foo Frills loves to wear white,
She practices walking down an aisle, morning and night. Clue: Bridal store

16. Sassy Von Dredle enjoys a good kick,
He has the courage of a tiger, and will always think quick. Clue: Find a family friendly place to learn a new skill involving kicks

17. Shady Sam Scissorhands loves a good laugh,
Don’t get too close, he will cut your scrunchie in half! Clue: Salon

18. Sporty Spooky Tiger with a club in his hand,
Likes to hit balls all over the land. Clue: A soft twist on a sports favorite

19. Zombie Hunter Zed has a good grip,
He once hit a bullseye but threw out his hip. Clue: Throwing things at a bullseye

20. Pippy Strong Bones loves a good nook,
He loves to hang out with a scary book. Clue: Library

21. Creepy Bleu Bonnet has a funny walk,
He is always hanging out with a parrot that talks. Clue: Elementary school

22. Pookie Happy Smile is a big Beatles fan,
She loves to try on clothes that bring out her tan. Clue: Boutique with Beatles roots

23. Lady Diva Dracula dances until dawn,
She retreats to her room the moment she yawns. Clue: Hotel and event center

24. Silly La Slayer can focus in a match,
His “tru” technique will make the enemy detach. Clue: Martial arts school

25. Ruff Rowdy Riley loves a good run,
He plays with friends that think fetching is fun. Clue: Vet office

26. Cheesin’ Gore Chester loves to sip and shop,
He cruises the aisles on Thursdays with a skip and a hop. Clue: Grocery store

27. Gourmet Goose Goblin loves a plate of spaghetti,
He loves hummus on flatbreads – just call when it’s ready. Clue: Restaurant

28. Jumpy Cowgirl Behemoth is known for bull riding,
She loves touring homes but has a hard time deciding! Clue: Realtor

29. Twitchy O’Grisly loves antique things,
A fresh coat of paint can really make her sing. Clue: Homegoods Boutique

30. Savage La Titan is intelligent and tough,
Going against him in any competition is going to be rough. Clue: High school

31. Gourmet Gory Gary thinks dinners are dreamy,
He loves dry bread and his pasta sauce creamy. Clue: Make and take

32. Relaxed Haunted Horry can do downward dog,
He cleanses his mind of all that fog. Clue: Yoga studio

33. Fang-Tastic Freddie likes pepperoni and cheese,
He likes his pie oven 1000 degrees. Clue: Restaurant

34. Sporty Spooky Shadow likes a good snip,
The MVP treatment makes him feel hip. Clue: Salon

35. Lucky Lethal Lucy is Hampton bound,
She won’t stop until the best chicken pie is found. Clue: Convenience store and grocery

36. Gooey Professor Penelope “hopes” to see lots of girls and boys,
By the hour or day, bring on the noise! Clue: Childcare

37. Fearless Von Frankie works through rain, sleet, and snow,
No matter what, the packages must go! Clue: Package store

38. Haunted Crusty Calvin is the oldest by far,
He buys feed by the sack and seeds by the jar. Clue: Farm supply store

39. Spooktacular Sandy loves flowers and candy,
She loves prepared meals that make dinner so handy. Clue: Local products specialty store

40. Poisonous Hardworking Si can be seen morning and night,
Cleaning, trimming, mowing, fixing – making sure all is right. Clue: Public Works