Letters to the editor — Oct. 21

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Michelle Barson has worked tirelessly for Clemmons

Recently, there were notes in large plastic bags with rocks holding them down, placed on my and my neighbors’ front porches to disparage Michelle Barson, who is running for reelection to the Clemmons Village Council. The note (with misspellings and poor grammar) stated that Michelle is a registered democrat and tried to link her with the Democratic Party’s national leaders in a blatant effort to scare voters. Seriously! Give us a break! Clemmons elections are nonpartisan for a reason. It’s so the best candidate can be elected without the taint of partisanship. I don’t care if Michelle, or any other candidate for village council, is a Democrat, Republican, independent or any other party. I care about the character and qualifications of the candidates. Over the past four years, Michelle has worked tirelessly for the village. She helped bring about better communication and transparency and has built relationships with other council members, county commissioners and state legislators, and most importantly with the local businesses and residents. Michelle has the best interests of the village at heart because she is a part of the village. She lives here, works here and volunteers here. Her two young children attend the public school here. She walks our streets. She is our neighbor. That’s why I’m voting for Michelle Barson. So, take your rocks and your notes and go home. Keep your nasty political scare tactics out of our village!

— Linda Arrigo

In support of Mary Cameron

As the current president of the Rotary Club of Clemmons, I have known Mary Cameron since 2014 when she first joined our club. She is a Paul Harris Fellow and has been an active member participating in our fund raising events as well as just plain fun events for the community.

As a council member, she has a wealth of experience and the ability to analyze the facts, ask the right questions and come to a conclusion that will best serve the village as a whole and not just one faction. Equally important is her ability to look to the future for new ideas to accommodate a changing population.

A vote for Mary Cameron on Nov. 7 is a vote for good local government.

— Bruce Bullings

Bullings is president of the Rotary Club of Clemmons