Letters to the editor — Oct. 28

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 28, 2021

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Backing Barson

Michelle Barson for Congress!

But for now, I will be supporting her for the role she has chosen — to be on the Clemmons Village Council. Village Councilwoman Barson has been doing a fabulous job. Her term on our village council is coming to an end and I think it is essential that she continue in this role for another term. Her experience with the regional and state chamber of commerce has provided her with a sensitivity to small businesses who provide employment opportunities to our community and residents.

Since being on the council, she has supported bringing stakeholders together to complete projects that all can agree upon. She understands how our community must work with the environment and understands that stormwater issues effect landowners. Thus, she initiated the creation of the 50/50 Stormwater program, which permits staff to work on private property stormwater issues and enables the resident to receive up to $5,000 toward the project. In addition, she supports the creation of a sustainability committee to offer expertise for our council members and community.

Michelle has proven she has the background which is necessary to continue on our town council. I am backing Barson and ask all residents of Clemmons to back her too.

— Gayle Goldsmith

In support of Barson

I wanted to take a moment and write a letter of support for Michelle Barson for village council. Michelle is a integral part of the Clemmons community and understands what is important for a balanced future. I have had the pleasure of working with her through the YMCA youth sports program and her fundraising efforts for Brookwood Pool. The Barsons are a wonderful family and I believe Michelle will make decisions that keep our residents values in mind.

— Allen Johnson

Barson is advocate of Clemmons and schools

I’ve known Michelle Barson as a fellow YMCA devotee for years, but got to work with her three years ago after I was elected to the school board and she was a year into her first term on the Clemmons council.

Since then, we regularly meet to share what’s going on in our prospective elected roles and discuss any issues or concerns that might impact both the school system and Clemmons. Whenever the board or superintendent has had questions or needs of Clemmons, we go directly to Michelle. We know if she doesn’t have the answer she will find it out or connect us with those that do immediately. She’s a strong advocate for the Village of Clemmons and someone that I personally enjoy working with. I encourage you to vote for her this Nov. 2.

— Deanna Kaplan

Kaplan is on the WS/FCS Board of Education.

Barson works hard for what she believes in

This letter is in support of Michelle Barson as a candidate for the Village of Clemmons Council. I write it as a resident of the village for 17 years and as a friend.

Michelle is a great person who works hard for what she believes in. She is a good friend and truly wants the best for everyone she meets. I mentioned to her about improving signage at our neighborhood entrance and she immediately ran with the idea and came back to me with solid suggestions and a plan to get it done. She is definitely a go-getter and does what she says she will do. She recently provided a recommendation for my son for his first job without hesitation. This is the type of person Michelle is. I am lucky to call her my friend and know that she will always be there to help with anything needed and I, and my family, will undoubtedly do the same for her.

For the past four years, Michelle has helped to change how the village functions by putting in place a contract review process where every village contract is reviewed on a semi or annual basis to ensure the highest quality of service and the lowest price to the citizens. She has proven to be a strong advocate for neighborhood safety by lowering subdivision speed limits from 35 to 25 throughout the village and having state roads within the jurisdiction reevaluated for their safety and lowered those upon advisement as well. Michelle clearly wants the best for our community and is a strong representative to help keep our community safe and to thrive in an ever-changing environment. I look forward to seeing her goals for the next four years become a reality.

Michelle’s work on village council displays high integrity, honesty and genuine concern and consideration for others. She speaks up when she sees things are not being done ethically. Her path of integrity and honesty is not the path of least resistance. She can be trusted to act in the best interest of the village and has the courage to try new approaches. She is a problem solver and will take the initiative to get things done. She extends herself beyond what is expected or defined by her role. She is not afraid of innovation and is willing to champion change efforts for the good of the community. She has a clear vision of desired results and I am proud to call her my friend, and endorse her for a second term on the Clemmons Village Council.

— Connie Frazier

Barson is willing to listen and seek compromises

I met Michelle Barson four years ago not long after she was elected to the village council. Since that time we have communicated whenever issues that effect Clemmons have been discussed by the Forsyth County commissioners. I have learned that she is a strong advocate for Clemmons residents, but one who is willing to listen and seek compromises when they are possible. I think that she has represented the village well and I hope that voters will support her at the ballot box on Nov. 2.

— Don Martin

Martin is vice chair of the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners.

Cameron works tirelessly for Clemmons

Our election will be in just a few days. As I look toward the future, I also reflect on the past and all the ways that Clemmons has progressed and grown since I arrived 36 years ago. A lot of that progress and growth can be attributed to my friend, Mary Cameron. Mary has always wanted the best for our village. She works tirelessly, gets all of her facts before making a decision, talks to our residents, asks for opinions, weighs all options and makes the best decision based on her knowledge and facts. Please vote for Mary on Nov. 2. Our village needs her.

— Barbara Turner

Barson works for the good of Clemmons

I would like all Clemmons residents to know my neighbor and friend Michelle Barson who is a candidate for council. She’s been a wonderful addition to the Lasater Lake neighborhood. Her careful and personal interest in our small neighborhood community as well as for all of Clemmons is so impressive. She’s always “with it,” always interested, always wants to know what’s important, what she can do locally, what she can do for Clemmons. Whether it’s stormwater runoff, business buildup on the strip, taxes, whatever, she works to be educated on all issues. Michelle is also a wonderful mom to her twin boys, wife to her husband, David, and a dependable neighbor to all of us. Vote for this capable Clemmons citizen, Michelle Barson. She will work for the good of all of us.

— Marcia Cox

Barson is dedicated to Clemmons

Between the proposed Idols Industrial Park and Tanglewood multi-purpose event center, it has become abundantly clear that voting in our local elections matters. I am writing in support of Michelle Barson’s reelection to the Clemmons Village Council.

During her first four years on the council, Michelle worked tirelessly to protect the Village of Clemmons from both of these proposed developments, which would have altered the quality of life for many of us living in Clemmons. In addition, Michelle has worked with the council to invest in our infrastructure, promote stricter stormwater and building requirements, and reduce subdivision speed limits from 35 to 25. Much has been accomplished in just four years, but Michelle knows that there is more work to be done, including the completion of the 158 sidewalk to Tanglewood.

I have been impressed with Michelle’s dedication to learning about the issues in our community, ability to communicate with others and abundant energy. Please join me in voting for Michelle on Nov. 2.

— Susan Youngman

Barson has deep caring for Clemmons

I would like to share with you why I believe Michelle Barson should be re-elected to the village council for four more years. I was first introduced to Michelle as a fellow room parent when our children were in pre-school together, and it was evident then that she had a deep caring for Clemmons and it’s residents. Fast forward to three years, and numerous interactions later, she has jumped right in again and has taken on numerous responsibilities within our PTA group at Morgan Elementary. Not only has she helped our organization work with numerous businesses around Clemmons, it is evident that she is truly invested in our school community as well. She has helped generate donations for us to provide items to not only our students, but also in celebrating and supporting our teachers and staff.

In closing, Michelle has done a lot of good for our Morgan community on both large and small scales and I have no doubt she will be able to support the Village of Clemmons effectively again.

— Lindsay Dunst

Cameron goes the extra mile

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support of Mary Cameron in her bid for re-election to the Clemmons Village Council. Mary has shown unwavering commitment to the good of the Village of Clemmons during her years on the council, with the most recent example of this being her concerted effort to prevent Tanglewood Park from becoming the location for the proposed Events Center.

She, along with Michelle Barson, who is also a candidate for re-election, attended the meetings held by Forsyth County to gather information about the plans for the Events Center and the very real possibility that it might be built at Tanglewood, Mary also attended the meeting of Clemmons West neighbors at the neighborhood pool and was very helpful in answering questions and providing important information. Also, both she and Michelle Barson met personally with Commissioner Ted Kaplan and by phone with others to get more details and to represent the Clemmons point of view and concerns. Finally, once the decision had been made to build the Events Center elsewhere, she and Michelle followed up with phone calls to the other commissioners, thanking them for their decision and expressing hope for improvement in communications between them and the village council in the future.

Mary’s role in this issue, which was of great concern to so many, cannot be understated. Her experience, her credibility, her willingness to go the extra mile for the welfare of our community, and her dedication to those she represents make her a more than worthy candidate for the village council. Please give her your support when you vote on Nov. 7.

— Jean Ashley