Your Neighbor: Britt Perkins

Published 12:05 am Thursday, February 24, 2022

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By Mandy Haggerson
For the Clemmons Courier

Britt Perkins grew up in Statesville enjoying sports during his younger years. “I played football and baseball as a kid, and stuck with the football through high school,” Perkins said. His love for football was strengthened when he attended North Carolina State University and cheered on the Wolfpack. “I loved my time at N.C. State and watching the football games were some of my fondest memories,” said Perkins, who also joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon and majored in political science.

After graduating in 1991, Perkins had contemplated law school. “Ultimately, I decided to move back to join the family business, AdSign Corporation. I began working in sales for my dad. My dad (Jack Perkins), who passed away this past year, was the greatest influence in my life. Although, we didn’t always agree on everything, he always had my best interest at heart,” Britt Perkins said. “I’ll never forget the first sale that I made on my own and proving my abilities to my dad. Knowing that he believed in me was a great feeling.”

Perkins appreciated learning the ins and outs of the business from someone he respected greatly, and helping it grow with new technologies. “A lot of local businesses need retro fittings to their signs. We go in and help them redo the lighting with LED systems. Many places, particularly restaurants, have had to change their sign size to comply with the 2007 sign ordinance coming due this July,” Perkins said. “Going out to meet with customers and seeing their needs and giving them options to meet them is an enjoyable process. I’m optimistic we will continue to grow in the next 10 years and provide new and exciting display sign systems.”

Moving back home to join the family business proved to be wise for a myriad of reasons. Perkins met his future wife, Maria, while living at the Tanglewood Farms Condominium complex. Perkins had started talking with Maria when he was outside playing with his new furry companion. One year later they were married. “By the grace of God, Maria brought our children into this world, Sarah and Will,” Perkins said. “They are now adults. It’s exciting and scary to say the least. Both of our kids are so talented that there is nothing they can’t do, and that’s a great feeling,”

Will followed in his dad’s footsteps by attending N.C. State, and Sarah recently graduated from Princeton University. “As a dad of adult children, it’s different because I can’t tell them what to do per se, but you’re there for advice when they want to know how I might handle the situation,” he said.

When Perkins isn’t spending time with his family or working, he tries to take some time to give back to the community. “I served on the board of directors for the Humane Society of Davie County for many years. I’m passionate about rescuing animals. The Humane Society of Davie County offers a low-cost spay and neuter program that anyone in the state of North Carolina can take advantage of, which I think is phenomenal. Starting with spaying and neutering is a huge way to help in the rescue world,” explains Perkins.

“I’ve also admired how they network with other rescues to help save more animals by organizing and driving a monthly transport to the Washington, D.C. area. They take close to 200 animals each month from local shelters and the community to a partner rescue up there to help save more. It takes a lot of work and organization to pull it off, and of course financial resources.”

Perkins himself has many animals including, horses, dogs, cats and even ducks.

“AdSign has helped support the Humane Society of Davie County for many years, and for that I am very proud. We have also supported the Young Life of Forsyth organization, and I’ve been impressed with the impact that group has on many youths. I think it’s important to invest in your community and give back when you can. These two programs will always be near and dear to my heart,” says Perkins. Perkins finds that when you give back, an added perk is getting to meet new people in the community. “It’s always inspiring by the number of people that want to give of their time and resources to make a difference in someone or something’s lives. We can all do better and be better,” Perkins said.