Possible development raises concerns from Waterford homeowners

Published 10:31 am Tuesday, March 8, 2022

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By Mandy Haggerson
For the Clemmons Courier

Families in the Waterford neighborhood have expressed concern over potential development that is being considered in their community.
The 26.76 acres under contract is nestled through the heart of Waterford via Michelle Drive, Lismore Street and Dunmore Court. A proposed request from Simon Burgess of Trilogy Residences, LLC has been submitted for annexation in the Village of Clemmons and a rezoning application from R-40 to RS-15S is pending. Burgess, who is also affiliated with Mayfair Street Partners and MF-Styers Ferry, LLC is looking to add 77 units to the Waterford neighborhood. Under the current proposal, 2.87 units per acre would be added.

The Waterford residents expressed their concerns to Burgess via Zoom on Feb. 24. “We are not anti-development. We are lobbying for something more cohesive and less impactful on the existing infrastructure and environment,” said, Cat Goodyear, a Waterford homeowner.

Residents worry that the proposed development will put neighbor’s safety at risk and create a strain on emergency services. Currently, there are no bike paths or sidewalks on the streets in Waterford. Also, under the current plan, the units would not provide any new access roads going in and out of Harper Acres.

Other factors brought to the attention of the developer on the Zoom call included: destruction of the local wildlife’s habitat and further impact surrounding historical flooding and erosion issues with Blanket Creek. Many residents have noted that each time development has occurred, the impact is increased exponentially. Waterford residents also learned that the developer was considering purchasing an additional 12-acre lot located to the north of the 26.76-acre development. Residents were left wondering if this would be another development or developed in conjunction with Harper Acres without a clear answer.

At this time, Waterford and surrounding neighbors await the next step of the legislative process. The Clemmons Planning Board meeting pertaining to the rezoning issue was originally scheduled for March 15, however, it has been pushed back to April 19.

The developer has until March 28 to submit their newly revised site plan after receiving feedback. Once the Planning Board meets and makes their recommendation, it will go to the Clemmons Village Council for a vote. The Clemmons Community Compass Plan, Legacy 2030, and the Village Transportation Plan will likely be consulted to explore the blueprint for zoning consistency and impact of growth.

Both the Planning Board and village council meetings will be open to the public. Waterford residents and surrounding neighbors have made plans to attend to ensure their voices are heard regarding the growth in housing and how it relates to their homes.

For questions regarding the legislative process of Harper Acres, Nasser Rahimzadeh, the Village of Clemmons’s planning and development director, can be reached at nasser@clemmons.org.

The Planning Board meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 19, at Village Hall (3715 Clemmons Road, Clemmons).