Letter to the Editor — March 10

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 10, 2022

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Community center planning process

Paul Johnson’s letter (March 3) regarding the benefits of a downtown and community center brought up some thought-provoking considerations regarding the disadvantages of investing taxpayer dollars in a community center. His argument is that plenty of “gathering, meeting, strolling and recreation places” already exist.

The need for a community center has been a subject for discussion bubbling under the surface for many years. Every so often, it comes up for renewed examination, usually as a result of pressure from some village residents. Currently, the subject is in that phase and is being addressed by council who have initiated an embryo feasibility study. I am assured that this will be extremely thorough and will involve, for example, a broad overview of the experiences of comparable municipalities that have community centers. I have volunteered my help.

I feel confident that our village leaders would not enter into such an important enterprise without very careful consideration of such a project which would include active input from the community and that Mr. Johnson’s thoughts would be a very useful part of the process.

— David Cross