Local students earn music recognition from the National Federation of Music Clubs

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Students from Advance and Clemmons earned their National Federation of Music Clubs Festival Gold Cups from the NCFMC Junior Festival for 2022.

The event is held annually on the campus of Wake Forest University, but due to the restrictions of COVID, again this year, all participating students submitted YouTube performances of their competition music for evaluations and scoring.

The Wake Forest district virtually hosted a successful Junior Festival with over 600 music events and entrants.
Across the state, there are 13 NFMC Junior Festival events held with over 4,000 students participating.

The following local students earned their NFMC Festival Gold Cups for 2022:

Mallory Andrews is a rising seventh grade student who will be attending Ellis Middle School in the fall. Her parents are Adam and Allison Andrews of Advance. Andrews earned her first level (15 points) NFMC Festival Gold Cup in piano duet this year. She is in a middle year working toward earning the 30-point cups in hymn playing, American patriotic/folk songs and piano solo and scored a superior in all of her 2022 events. Andrews loves dancing and has been taking dance since she was 3 at In Motion Dance Studio. She loves spending time with friends and family. She wants to be a veterinarian when she gets older because she loves animals. She is a member of Clemmons Methodist Church.

Elijah Beadle, 15, is entering 10th grade this year as a home school student. He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Beadle started singing at a young age and began private voice lessons four years ago with Teresia Ann Queen. His accolades from the Wake Forest festival for 2022 scoring superior in all vocal events including: American patriotic/folk songs, vocal art songs and musicianship/theory. He also earned his first level gold cup in musical theater. Beadle enjoys learning new songs, creating his own lyrics and collaborating with his sister. In his spare time he enjoys biking, fishing, hiking and playing outdoors. His family resides in Clemmons and he is the son of David and Jeanette Beadle.

Katelynn Beadle, age 14, has been playing piano since she was 7 and thoroughly enjoys creating music. She is often found playing around on the piano. Beadle is the daughter of David and Jeanette Beadle of Clemmons. This year, she earned six ratings of superior in piano solo, hymns, American patriotic/folk songs, sacred piano solo and musicianship/theory. This is her first year to earn a gold cup in piano concerto. She also won the Wake Forest Division for hymn playing and sacred music piano solo and went on to win the state titles in both events at UNCG. She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and will be entering ninth grade this year in home school.

Aaron Clodfelter is an upcoming sixth grader who will be attending Ellis Middle School this year. He is the son of Joseph and Anna Clodfelter of Advance. Clodfelter won multiple festival gold cups from NFMC this year with a successful third year of all scores being superior. His gold cups include musicianship/theory, American patriotic/folk songs, piano solo and hymns. He is also the winner of Teresia Ann Queen’s Studio awards which will be presented at the end of August recital for top studio memory award and top studio transposition award with an outstanding number of lines for both awards. Clodfelter’s hobbies include football, astronomy and science.

Sarah Hardin is one of three college students studying with Teresia Ann Queen, and entered the college and adult events offered by NFMC through its silver cup program. Hardin has entered the musicianship/theory event for the past three years, earning a superior each time and earned her first level 15 point cup in 2022. She is on track to earn her second silver cup in 2023 in the piano duet event. Her parents are Dawn and Chris Hardin and she attends Forsyth Technical Community College where she is enrolled in the ADN Program. She is a member of Farmington Baptist Church. Hardin’s interests, outside of her nursing program and raising her rabbits, include painting, playing the piano, being outside and enjoying nature.

Anna Hedrick has participated in the Wake Forest Junior Festival for four years and earned all consecutive superiors again this year in piano solo, hymns and American patriotic/folk songs. She also earned her first level gold cup in the event of musicianship/theory. She is a rising seventh grader and will be attending Ellis Middle School at the end of this month. She is the youngest daughter of David and Kathy Hedrick of Advance and attends Clemmons Presbyterian Church where she has sung with the CPC Children’s Choir and played with the Middler Hand Chime group. She has also provided music for worship services as a soloist and pianist. Her hobbies include dance, competition dance, reading, traveling with family, spending time with friends and music. Her music interests include singing, piano, church chimes and flute in the school band.

Garrison Hewitt is an upcoming fifth-grade student attending Shady Grove Elementary School. He is the grandson of Anthony and Sandra Carbone and Lorelei and Gary Hewitt. His parents are Brad and Ashley Hewitt. Outside of music, Hewitt is interested in sports, lacrosse, reading and Cub Scouts. He competed in his third year at the NFMC Junior Festival this year and earned superiors in all four of his events. This is his first year to earn festival gold cups in hymns and American patriotic/folk songs. He is on track to also earn his 15-point cups in piano solo and musicianship/theory in 2023.

Leela Moore is a rising sixth grader at Saint Leo Catholic School and is the daughter of Jason and Lee Moore of Advance. She has been taking piano from Teresia Ann Queen and participating in the Junior Festival sponsored by NFMC for each of the past four years. Moore has consistently earned a rating of Superior in each event, each year. For 2022, she earned two festival gold cups in the events of piano duet and musicianship/theory. Outside of school and piano, Moore is very artistic and enjoys painting with acrylic paints and creating miniature sculptures with modeling clay. She visited with her family in Thailand this summer and continued her piano lessons while on vacation from her grandparent’s home via the online technology of Skype.

Tyler Moore is a rising seventh grader at Saint Leo Catholic School and is the son of Jason and Lee Moore. He has been taking piano lessons since kindergarten and has participated in the NFMC Wake Forest Junior Festival for seven years, receiving a consistent score of superior in all events for all seven years. His events include musicianship/theory, piano solo, hymns and American patriot/folk songs, piano concerto, piano duet and sacred music piano solo. For 2022, Moore earned his 30-point gold cups in the events of AP/FS and hymns. He also studies taekwondo with Family Kicks School. Moore also visited with family in Thailand over the summer and was able to continue his piano lessons via Skype while on vacation. His favorite outside of school activities are playing video games and watching YouTube.

Kristen Roberts is a member of Calvary Baptist Church and attends its day school, where she is a senior this year. She acquired an interest in music and wanted to learn more about singing when she began voice lessons five years ago with Theresa Queen. She has been a member of NFMC, and has just completed her fourth year of junior festival participation for the Wake Forest district. She has earned festival gold cups in vocal art song, American patriotic/folk songs and musicianship/theory in the past and earned her first level gold cup in musical theater in 2022. She is the daughter of Kim and Neal Roberts. Her hobbies include running track and hiking. She also loves to read and just hang out with friends.

Marion Shelton is a rising eighth grade student at William Ellis Middle School. She is the daughter of Lori Shelton of Advance and attends Clemmons Moravian Church. Shelton plays flute in the Ellis school band and swims on the Tyde Swim Team and the Oak Valley Swim Team. She also enjoys participating in track and field with her school. Shelton has just completed her third year of junior festival participation with NFMC and earned her first 15-point gold cup in piano solo. She also scored superior in her other events for 2022, including piano duet, American patriotic/folk songs, hymns and musicianship/theory, and is on track to earn additional festival gold cups in 2023.

Giulianna Steuart is a rising seventh grader and the daughter of Michael and Kristen Steuart. She has been a member of NFMC for five years and this year earned her first level cup in piano duet with duet partner, Mallory Andrews. Steuart has previously won four NFMC festival gold cups in her piano performance events and musicianship theory; she is the middle years of working toward her 30-point cups. Besides piano, Steuart loves swimming, basketball, volleyball, reading, drawing, running track and playing with friends. She is a member of St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Winston-Salem. Steuart has also earned the music studio award of “Personal Best Memory” for the past five years with Teresia Ann Queen.

Landon Vick will be a junior at Davie High School this year and is the son of John and Jansen Bailey and Steve Vick. He is a member of Farmington Baptist Church. Vick earned his NFMC 30-point cup in American patriotic folk songs for 2022 with a consecutive score of superior for the past six years. He is a six year member of NFMC and competes in piano solo, piano concerto, sacred music piano solo, hymn playing and musicianship/theory. His interests include music, comedy, drafting and technology.

All of these students are members of the music studio of Teresia Ann Queen, local piano and voice teacher, again, named for 2022 as having the No. 1 ranked federated music studio in the state of North Carolina by the NFMC, and ranked fourth across the U.S.

Other students who contributed to the state and national ranking (but who are in the middle of gold cup years and not included here) include Jaxon Gardner, Holyn and Will Hedrick, Viola Hewitt, Alex Hirata, Ashley Holly, Sean Lane, Jeffrey Lyons, Gabrielle McFarlin, Nicholas Morris, Kristen Roberts and Jenna Scully.