Why American Football is Becoming More Popular Outside the US

Published 4:48 pm Saturday, October 1, 2022

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It’s no secret that American football has reached global fame. After all, there are numerous fans of this sport all over the world who like to check out NFL expert picks, paying close attention to each match and season. The main reason football is so widely popular is that it’s one of the most advertised sports in the world. 

But advertisements alone aren’t enough to make people interested. It’s actually the uniqueness of American football that draws people from around the globe to it. It’s not soccer and it’s not really rugby, so American football is one-of-a-kind sport that people seem to not get enough of. That said, let’s have a look at why American football is becoming more popular outside the U.S.

How did American football become popular outside the United States?

American football has received world-wide recognition and fame but it’s yet to achieve international presence like baseball, basketball and hockey, for example. Still, there are many leagues around the world revolving around American football and a lot of fans who are supporters of the sport. So far, the sport has had great success in promoting itself across the world, which is why it’s so popular outside the States today.

What countries have the most American football fans?

Countries that have the greatest number of American football fans include Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom and Japan. Other countries have many fans as well, but not as many as in the countries mentioned above. Slowly but surely, American football is establishing a stronger presence around the world and may soon become a global sport. 

What are the main reasons for the popularity of American football outside the United States?

There are a few reasons for the popularity of American football outside of the United States. One reason is that American football is a very physical sport. This can be appealing to many people, as it is exciting to watch players collide with each other on the field. 

However, there’s more to the physicality of the sport than it meets the eye. In fact, American football is heavily tactic-based and every tackle is a part of a larger and well-developed strategy. That’s why this sport is so appealing to many fans, especially outside the U.S. 


Many people are beginning to see the appeal of American football due to its physically intense competition and strategic approach to winning a match. That’s why this sport is becoming more popular across the world today.