WSFCS Board of Education candidate responses, Michael Hardman, At-Large

Published 3:01 pm Sunday, November 6, 2022

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Michael Hardman

1) Describe any experience you have in a public school environment, whether that be as a teacher, administrator, coach, staff member, current member of the School Board, substitute teacher, PTA involvement, etc.

As a father of three children in the public school system for the last 13 years, I’ve seen our schools from many perspectives. I’ve attended countless sporting events, PTA meetings, parent conferences, and awards ceremonies in elementary, middle and, high schools. I’ve participated in career days and read to my children’s classes. Most of all, I’ve been a partner with all my children’s teachers because I know that students are most successful when parents, teachers, and students are working together.

2) What do you feel are the biggest issues facing students, teachers and staff at schools currently and within your authority as a member of the BOE, how would you work to fix them?

Students and teachers are facing some of the same challenges due to a breakdown of safety in our schools. Neither can perform at their best while this is the case. Distractions and fear have led to an unprecedented teacher shortage, low morale, and failing scores among our students. We must elevate our school buildings to be places of respect, educational excellence and expectation, and above all security. As a member of the board of education, I’ll work with members to engage county commissioners, law enforcement, administrators, parents, and teachers to raise standards and get back to the basics in order that all of our schools can be successful.

3) What would you do as a member of the BOE to establish relationships with the schools and students outside of being present for all meetings?

A board of education member must be present and available in order to build trust with everyone involved in our schools. As a parent, I’m often on school grounds with other families and school staff several times a week. I look forward to visiting many more schools in the capacity of a board member to listen and observe. I want be part of the solutions needed across our campuses, and to do that I’ll be available and hands on at the ground level.