Titan Tattler: Bring on the second semester

Published 12:09 am Thursday, January 26, 2023

By Claire Reinthaler

With exams now in full swing, the past week of preparation along with the exam schedule was a busy one. With many students working hard on their last assignments of the semester and teachers preparing to either give their own exams or proctor state mandated tests, there was not much else on the minds of the Titan community.
Athletics continued as well, however. The boys varsity basketball team lost to Mount Tabor in a fairly close game 52-48 on Jan. 17 but bounced back to take down Parkland 75-53 on Jan. 20. They lost in another close game 57-54 to Walkertown on Jan. 21. The girls varsity basketball team got a win over Mount Tabor 51-31 on Jan. 14, but then lost 61-54 to Parkland on Jan. 20.
Another big event was the Crystal Ball, an annual dance for all seniors in the WS/FCS school system. Seniors from every school in the district were invited to this annual event, where money from the tickets sold is donated every year. The event was held at Truist Stadium on Jan. 21 and was a fun night for seniors to celebrate themselves and their peers.
Registration for next year’s classes starts in the early part of the third quarter as well. Students will meet with their guidance counselor during allotted time slots so they can request which classes they’d like to take next year. It’s a good time to start thinking about what you want your schedule to look like next year so you’re not rushed when the time comes. Remember, while you can email your counselor to request to change one of your class selections up to a certain date, it’s always best to go in knowing what you’d like to take, so you can make sure your counselor is able to request it.
Remember also during this exam week to take care of yourselves. Yes, studying is important too, and there are a lot of really good ways to study that don’t require you to overexert yourself, such as making flashcards and catchphrases to help you remember your information. It’s also important to take breaks in between studying to not overwork your brain. Make sure you’re eating and drinking a lot of water and getting a good night’s sleep before your exams, so you have time to rest and your mind has time to store all the information you’ve been studying.
Let’s finish out the semester strong, Titans.

Claire Reinthaler is this year’s Titan Tattler.