Titan Tattler: Winter sports winding down and registration for 2023-24

Published 12:08 am Thursday, February 9, 2023

By Claire Reinthaler

With the third quarter of the 2022-23 school year in full swing, the Titans are fully back in action. West Forsyth winter athletics are steadily closing in on the end of their seasons, with teams putting in their best efforts to try and make the postseason. The boys varsity basketball team had a week of conference opponent matchups, with a big win over Reagan at home 50-43 on Jan. 31, a hard loss to East Forsyth on the road 57-45 on Feb. 1, and an away win against Davie 66-56 on Feb. 3. They will face R.J. Reynolds on the road on Feb. 7 and will close out their regular season with a rematch with East Forsyth at home on Feb. 10. The girls varsity basketball team had the same schedule and the same record this past week, beating Reagan 36-28, losing 46-40 to East Forsyth and taking the win over Davie 39-29. They too will face R.J. Reynolds and East next week to finish off their regular season.
Since registration for the 2023-24 school year is about to begin, there has been more clarity on the different and new classes being offered next year. Many of the performing arts programs, such as chorus, theater and dance, are being restructured to follow a more skill-based progression of classes instead of level-based. Instead of the performing arts classes being structured in a linear fashion, with the beginning level being mostly for freshmen and the upper levels being more for upperclassmen, now students will be able to take different arts classes based on what aspect of that subject they’re most interested in and/or how intensely they want to study that art. There are also a number of new Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes for next year, many, if not all of which will be offered at the honors level. Upper levels of PE and weightlifting will now also be offered for honors credit as well. Email your counselors for more details on these new classes and make sure you know which ones you’d like to take by the time registration comes around. Students will be called for appointments with their counselors sometime this month based on the period and level of their math class.
Second quarter report cards will also be distributed on Feb. 9, and there is an early release day on Feb. 8. School will get out at 1:40 p.m.
Second semester is upon us, Titans. Let’s keep up to good work.

Claire Reinthaler is this year’s Titan Tattler.