Randall sets nine national records at Masters Olympic Weightlifting Championships

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 6, 2023

A year after winning every Masters Olympic Weightlifting title the sport has to offer, Jim Randall, of Lewisville, not only came back to reclaim his national title, but did so by smashing every existing record in another weight class. This time, at 109+.

“Nine Olympic records in one day; what an accomplishment,” said Olympic coach Rob Arroyo. “He is simply one of the most amazing athletes in the sport today. If he continues at this pace, there is no doubt in my mind that Jim will be inducted into the Masters Olympic Weightlifting Hall of Fame; even before he retires. Every one of his lifts was near perfect.”

Randall went six for six in his lifts, “white lighting” his way to nine Olympic records. A rare feat in Masters Olympic Weightlifting. He bested the snatch record by 9 kilos; the clean and jerk by 12 kilos, and the Olympic total by 21 kilos.

The event, held at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in Pennsylvania, was packed with fans from all over the country, including a host of former Olympic athletes, all covered via live TV through Lift Cast sports.

“After setting the first record, everyone was on their feet every time Pastor Jim (as he known by his teammates) entered the staging area to lift.” The crowd grew louder,” said another lifter. “People were treated to an exceptional Olympic event today.”

“In all my time as an Olympic athlete, I’ve seen only a handful of lifters accomplish what Pastor Jim did. He definitely sent a message to the International Olympic Committee, and his worldwide competition,” Arroyo said.

When asked about his accomplishment, Pastor Jim simply said “The Lord has sure been good to me.”

When asked what’s next — “I’m taking the week off, then I’ll start training for the Pan American Games,” Randall said.