Titan Tattler: Be prepared for upcoming metal detector screenings

Published 12:08 am Thursday, April 27, 2023

By Claire Reinthaler
For the Clemmons Courier

These past few weeks, the Titans have really been putting in the work to make the most of the time they have left in the school year. West athletics have still been going strong towards the end of their spring seasons; the boys’ indoor volleyball team has been on a roll in their debut season, following their 3-0 road win against South Iredell on April 15 with two other 3-0 wins, one at home against Draughn on April 17 and the other at Lexington on April 19.
They faced Lexington at West on April 26 as well.
The girls’ soccer team has also continued their winning ways from this season, with two home shutout wins last week, one 5-0 against R.J. Reynolds on April 17 and the other 2-0 against Mount Tabor on April 19. As of this past weekend, the girls had a streak of seven straight shutout wins. The varsity baseball team swept their opponents this past week, with a 10-0 home win against R.J. Reynolds on April 18, an 11-1 home win against Asheboro on April 19 and a 7-2 road win in a rematch with Reynolds on April 21. The Titans faced East Forsyth on the road on April 25 and will finish off their regular season in a rematch with East at home today.
The varsity softball team also had a clean sweep of their opponents last week; the Titans tallied a 14-4 home win over Reagan on April 18, a 7-6 road win over West Stokes on April 19 and a 2-1 road win over Davie on April 21. The girls faced Surry Central at home on April 24 and Orange at home on April 25, and will also close out their regular season against East Forsyth at home tonight. The boys’ varsity lacrosse team finished last week with two losses, one 19-6 at R.J. Reynolds on April 18 and the other 15-8 against East Forsyth on April 21. The team had three straight home games scheduled against East this week as well, on April 25, 26 and tonight to finish off their regular season.
After falling to R.J. Reynolds in a close 9-8 loss at home on April 18, the girls’ lacrosse team bounced back to take down Page 17-7 on April 19 and East Forsyth 18-6 on April 21. The Titans also faced Glenn at home on April 24 in the conference tournament.
With the news of the rotating metal detector screening days across the WS/FCS high schools, there has been much discussion amongst students and staff about how this will be put to use on West’s open campus. Principal Kevin Spainhour sent out an informational video and slideshow this past week on the rules when it came to West. There will be four metal detector entrance points: the front office, the 700 building, the Performing Arts Center (PAC) and the back door to the old gym in the 600 building. Students will not be allowed to enter any building on campus until 8:15 a.m. on a screening day and will have their bag searched by administration. After a student is cleared, they will be given a wristband that they must wear for the remainder of the day.
Today is the last day to purchase tickets for West’s Prom, which isA Saturday, April 29, from 7-11 p.m at the Millenium Center. Tickets are $45 each, and all student debts must be paid before tickets are purchased. It’s sure to be an amazing night.
There are only a couple of months left to go, Titans. Let’s keep it up.

Claire Reinthaler is this year’s Titan Tattler.