Eagle Scout candidate Brad Prince dedicates flagpole to Grace Baptist Church

Published 12:05 am Thursday, May 4, 2023

Eagle Scout Candidate Brad Prince, alongside Pastor Zachary King and Lewisville Councilman Fred Franklin, held a ceremony to dedicate a new flagpole to Grace Baptist Church and the Town of Lewisville on Saturday, April 29.
As part of Prince’s candidacy for Eagle Scout, he is required to complete a community project.
“I knew I wanted my project to be something physical and something that could last a lifetime,” Prince said during the ceremony.
During his speech, Prince acknowledged his family and Troop 715 members for their help with this project.
“I’ve spent countless hours working on this flagpole, polishing it, replacing all the mechanical parts of it and the ornament on top. I have had a bunch of help along the way, and I couldn’t have completed this project without it,” Prince said.
Grace Baptist Church has been a part of the Lewisville community for around 100 years.
“We are very proud of our new flagpole, to have been a part of this community for about a century and to support Mr. Prince in his endeavors,” King said. “When approached by Mr. Prince, we needed a new flagpole. The one we had up had served its purpose, but now we have one that will out last all of us.”
Franklin also spoke during the dedication, recalling his time in the Boy Scouts and how the CPR training he received prepared him to help save a life.