Pruitt column: See you later, see you soon

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 11, 2023

Thank you, Clemmons. My time as the editor of the Clemmons Courier is up.
This week’s edition of the paper will be my last, but you likely haven’t seen or read the last of me just yet.
I’ll still be around. I may still contribute some stories to these pages here and there. But I have been afforded an opportunity that was too good to pass up.
I want to thank plenty of folks in helping make the Courier a fun place to work and a fun paper to write for and put together every week.
Mark Bee, the general manager, for giving me this opportunity when I probably needed it the most almost two years ago now.
Christy Clark, who wears so many different hats and does so much behind the scenes to help get this paper out each and every week.
They are both all-in with the publication process to ensure that we have a paper worthy of our readership week-in and week-out.
Jim Buice, whose contributions to the Courier are unrivaled. Jim loves the Clemmons community, and it shows in his passion and enthusiasm in his coverage of town council meetings in Clemmons, Lewisville and Bermuda Run. His monthly columns are always an enjoyable read and it’s always fun to follow along as he takes us along on his many adventures. The Courier is so fortunate to have Jim’s talents and expertise.
Andy Mooney designs and lays out the paper every week from his realm in Salisbury. All I need to do is tell him what stories need to go where, what photos go with each story, and from there, he works his magic to put the finished product out. Copy desk folks are a rarity in daily and weekly newspapers these days, and great copy desk folks, like Andy, are true assets. His skills are unmatched, and I appreciate all that he does for this paper.
Dan Kibler is a good friend that I was lucky enough said “yes” when I asked if he’d be willing to write his bread-and-butter content, an outdoors column, each week. I can also pull him in to help with other stories and projects when needed.
Jay Spivey knows high school sports in this area as well as anyone. I know how much he enjoys sharing the stories about West Forsyth teams every week.
Mandy Haggerson can always find interesting people to write about and share with our readers every week. It was nice to reconnect with her after a few years as we knew of one another when she was a student at Bishop McGuinness, and I was coaching there a few lifetimes ago.
Claire Reinthaler, our Titan Tattler this year, is one of many impressive young people I have had the pleasure to meet at West Forsyth the last year and a half.
Ditto for Janie Peterson, who graduated from West Forsyth last year and is now a student at UNC. Janie wrote so many great pieces for the Courier the last few years and we were lucky to have her.
Grateful for all the relationships that were formed with so many people in this community who also proved to be a huge help.
Shannon Ford and Lynette Fox are a dynamic and creative duo and work hard to organize fun community events that I always enjoyed being at and providing some level of coverage for. They also take some great pictures and allow us to use them if I couldn’t be there.
Too many others to mention specifically that allowed me to share their stories on our pages and with our readers. Please know that I took that responsibility seriously and hope that your story was conveyed in the best way.
Clemmons is filled with community-minded people and a spirit that matches that. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to observe and explore that in my time in this role and bring that to light.
My eternal thanks to the folks at Boone Newsmedia for the opportunity to celebrate community journalism in such a distinguished community like Clemmons in this role which allowed me to grow by stretching beyond my journalism experiences of the past.
I learned a lot, laughed a lot and took nothing for granted.
I was lucky.
This experience was a great gift.
Thanks for reading and please continue to support the Courier and journalism.
It still plays a vital role in our everyday lives.
Be kind and be well.