Your Neighbor: Meet Brian Edmonds

Published 12:05 am Thursday, May 18, 2023

By Mandy Haggerson
For the Clemmons Courier

Brian Edmonds grew up in Winston-Salem as the oldest of two boys in his family.
Edmonds loved being outside and music from a young age and was very active in his church.

“I loved doing Scouts and found that they made a profound impact on my virtues and life skills,” Edmonds said. “I achieved Eagle Scout and enjoyed seeing it all the way through the program.”

Edmonds spent his spare time becoming a self-taught musician. Musicality came pretty easily to Edmonds. He’s learned to play drums, keys, guitars and even the bass. Edmonds utilized his talents in his youth-group praise band at College Park Baptist.

“When God gives you an ability, it’s rewarding to be able to give it back to Him,” Edmonds said. “A huge highlight from being in a band called The Renaissance was playing at Carnegie Hall. Traveling all over North Carolina and playing the drums in the band provided a lot of fond memories and experiences.”

When Edmonds went to college at Appalachian State University, he considered majoring in music. However, after much thought, Edmonds pursued Electronic Media and Broadcasting. A natural at broadcasting, Edmonds earned his own radio show while in college, Classic Rock and New Rock with B-Rock.

“For two years, it really helped me learn a lot about audio and video editing,” Edmonds said. “During the summer before I graduated, I had an internship at WXII-12. Although I enjoyed my internship and all that I had learned while in college, God got a hold of my heart. I was leading worship at a week-long camp in Fuquay-Varina, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me. I received an invitation to youth ministry.

“I graduated a semester early and took a job at Griffith Baptist while pursuing my master of divinity degree from Campbell University Divinity School. I was a commuting student for that time frame.”

While Edmonds was in seminary, he also married his high-school sweetheart, Casey.

“We had dated for seven years before we got married, and I was excited to begin our lives together,” Edmonds said.

Casey and Brian decided to move back to Clemmons to enjoy raising their own family where they grew up. Their daughter, Journey, 12, and their son, Jett, 9, taught Edmonds a new level of joy.

“It’s definitely everything people say being the most rewarding and most challenging thing you’ll ever do,” Edmonds said. “The profound love you feel for your children is life-changing.

“When we first moved back home, I started working at Clemmons First Baptist Church for three years, and I have since been at River Oaks Community Church for the past 11 years as a high-school youth pastor and elder. What I love is that we are situated next to one of Forsyth County’s biggest high schools. Being able to do ministry at West Forsyth has been a lot of fun. Helping teenagers bring glory to God has brought so much meaning. I’ve helped them start their own youth band too. Impacting the next generation to go out and be disciples wherever they are is so important and necessary. Feeling supported by everyone at our church has been one of the greatest gifts. I love that I get to still utilize my passion for music in the church. At River Oaks, they call me the Swiss army knife of the staff, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”