Smashing success: Community comes together for Southern Luxe Realty/Clemmons Food Pantry donation bash

Published 12:10 am Thursday, August 17, 2023

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CLEMMONS — In a display of community unity and generosity, the Southern Luxe Realty/Clemmons Food Pantry Donation Bash on Saturday surpassed all expectations, leaving participants and organizers alike in awe.

The event garnered an overwhelming response from the community, resulting in an outpour of donations poised to impact the local community profoundly.

The event’s success was palpable as attendees from all walks of life came together to contribute to the cause. The number of donations received underscores the community’s immense compassion and exemplified the incredible power of collective action. Local residents opened their hearts by demonstrating a commitment to helping those in need.

One of the day’s highlights was the presence of Kona Ice, offering a respite from the summer heat. The sight of families and friends enjoying their treats while contributing to a good cause captured the essence of the event — a blend of generosity and enjoyment.

The achievement was made possible through community sponsorships, such as the Clemmons Country Store providing their location and face-painting station for the event, which was instrumental in creating an inviting atmosphere that brought everyone together.

“We are thrilled beyond words by the response we’ve received for the Southern Luxe Realty/ Clemmons Food Pantry Donation Bash,” said Zachary Bradley and Hope Harris, event organizers and representatives of Southern Luxe Realty. “The level of community engagement and support has exceeded our expectations, reaffirming our belief in the power of local unity. Our sponsors have been instrumental in this success, and we’re deeply grateful for their unwavering support.”

The organizers expressed their eagerness to continue supporting the local community through future events.