What are you thankful for?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 23, 2023

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What are you thankful for?

The Clemmons Courier asked various village officials what they were thankful for this year.

Mayor Mike Rogers

“I am grateful for my family, my friends, and my community. I thank God for my life and giving me the ability to serve the Village of Clemmons.”


Mayor Pro Tem Michelle Barson

“I’m grateful everyday for the ability to move and be active. The ability to move offers independence, an outlet for anxiety and just makes me happy. This year, specifically, I’m grateful for all of then opportunities that have come my way and know they are thanks to others who have believed in me and supported me.”

Mary Cameron, councilman

“I had should surgery this year, so I am grateful for feeling good and having a working arm. I am very grateful that I live where I live and that I have the freedoms that I have to live my life the way that i want to, which a lot of people in this world don’t have the ability to do.”

Mike Combest, councilman

“No matter where you go in Clemmons, you probably have 15 people come say hello. That is not unusual. It occurred to me what an amazing place we live in. You have people who their nature is to be friendly, positive, kind and nice. The amazing thing is they are not exceptional. That is the norm. What more could you ask for?”


Bradley Taylor, councilman

“I am grateful for my loving and caring family and friends who support me every day in all that I do. I’m also grateful to be part of and serve a thriving community like Clemmons where everyone is able to live, work and play.”

Chris Wrights, councilman

“This Thanksgiving, I have been blessed with more than I could ever imagine. I am most importantly thankful to Christ who has blessed me with a loving wife and three amazing sons.”