Letter to the editor: There are horses and there are neighbors

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 29, 2024

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This is not a story about the trespassing horse who took on a North Carolina Congresswoman’s family, but it starts there.

My horse saw some green grass just beyond the fence between our barn and the neighbor’s plot. While this may sound like just another meandering equine, it was fodder for my neighbors. Shortly after, my husband and I were served with a “criminal” summons for trespassing on my neighbor’s property.

The case was laughed out of court. Didn’t even make the headline it should have because the media chose not to cover it.

In the end, this is all about a driveway dispute that has gone on for years and what I call downright harassment — the power few who threaten others, run up exorbitant court fees and expect favors from those who cannot afford to affront them.

The next antic was to see Tom Foxx, along with his wife Virginia Foxx, North Carolina’s 5th District congressional representative, follow my husband and me from one courtroom to another from Watauga County to Wake County — from Superior Court venues to the State Court of Appeals.

Where we once shook hands to amicably manage property with our neighbors, we now have to look behind our backs for the next court summons. And, not one summons comes without dollar signs and triple zeros. Presently, we have been taken to court at least four times by this couple. Even though we have offered to make peace with the Foxxes, continue to maintain our portion of the driveway we share, and keep our horse off their land, they continue to harass us by filing one legal action after another.

Just saying, there are horses and there are neighbors.

— Flo Davis