Unique sound for unique band: Local rocker Brett Ryan and brother Christian form a band, introduce patrons to one-of-a-kind music

Published 12:10 am Thursday, March 7, 2024

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By Christian Simmons

For the Clemmons Courier

CLEMMONS — Brett and Christian Ryan are brothers who love music.

In fact, their love for music dates back to childhood when their father was a frontman for the band known as the “Fender Benders” back in the ’90s.

When the Ryans reached high school, they went to West Forsyth, where they met with a fellow student named Matt Weiser. Not too long after that, the three of them became friends and began playing music together in a band that another mutual friend had formed.

The band played great for two years.

However, fortune seemed not to be on the band’s side as they soon split up after their two-year run.

Keeping their love for playing music alive and having a never-saying “die” attitude, Brett, Christian and Matt kept their music dreams alive by forming their own band in 2007.

It was around this time when the three men caught up with Matt’s longtime friend, John Richardson, who he knew back when they played in a band at Calvary Baptist.

“While preparing for a GooGoo Dolls tribute for the Friday Night Music Club in 2019,” Brett said. “It was apparent that we needed another guitar player. But after hearing his face-melting guitar solos in action, we asked John to join us.”

The band loved music so much that they decided to play music from a number of different genres.

“We’ve all been playing music for a long time and of all different genres,” Brett said. “From Christian’s Punk inspirations, Matt’s influence of The Beatles and Elvis, My take on pop rock and John shredding to ’80s metal, we thought putting it all together would make for a unique sound.”

In March 2012, the band released “Driving Out The Silence” in two EPs and played dates in support of that EP throughout North Carolina over the following year.

In October 2023, we released “One Step Closer” — their first EP as a four-piece — and have performed dates and have dates scheduled to perform in support of this release.

Everything seemed to be going well until their lives revealed that they had other plans.

“After the first EP and touring across the state, our family lives changed as children began to come into the picture,” Brett said. “We continued to play sporadic dates and rehearsed occasionally to keep our playing strong, but scheduling live performances was a lower priority at this time. Not necessarily struggles or hardships, but sidelined a return to recording and performing for a brief period. Which all worked out exceptionally well since it brought John on board with us before moving the band back to full-time activity.”

With Weiser on lead vocals and guitar, Brett on drums and vocals, his brother Christian on bass and vocals and John Richardson on lead guitar and mandolin, the band is looking toward the future with instruments at the ready.

In 2024, they have set out to widen their circle, setting up shows outside of the local area. They plan to be in Charlotte, Durham and Raleigh area, along with still being able to hit their favorite local spots.

Always in pursuit of what’s next, their album titled “One Step Closer” seemed to fit perfectly. They don’t always know what’s ahead, but in everything they do, they become One step closer to it.

All their EPs and singles are available on streaming platforms like Apple Music or Spotify and are available for digital purchase on Bandcamp and iTunes.

A limited number of first-run discs of their debut EP — “Driving Out The Silence” — are available at their online store on our website, goryangomusic.com. Plans for a reissued release and physical releases of “One Step Closer” are being worked out currently by the band.

Those who are interested in knowing more about the band would love to see you at their shows so you can hear what they have to offer and connect on a more personal level, but they also have some online choices for those interested to check out.

You can find the band on Facebook at GOryanGO.

If you’re on Instagram, you can find them at GOryanGOmusic.

Or you can find out more about the band on their website at GOryanGOmusic.com.