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Your Neighbor: Better quality of life: Nynica Bobbitt has passion for helping others through physical therapy

There are moments in one’s life where a chance event makes a lasting impact. For Nynica Bobbitt it was when she was 16. She met ... Read more

Your Neighbor: Learning the rules: Amy Lawrence masters the art of teaching dyslexic students

Sometimes, there are neighbors in our community who have greatness hidden behind their humbleness. Amy Lawrence is one of them. She is a teacher at ... Read more

Your Neighbor: Do unto others: Richard Budd believes in treating people well, working toward goals

Richard Budd seems to greet the world with a smile as his constant companion. Often that smile gives way to a deep roll of laughter. Perhaps ... Read more

Your Neighbor: Passion to help: Sara Pesek finds joy in serving those less fortunate

As a child raised in suburbia Illinois, Sara Pesek lived an innocuous life. But when she traveled to Costa Rica as a kid, she soon ... Read more

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  1. Your Neighbor: Bedside manner: After pregnancy complications, Katie Woltz gives back to the hospital
  2. West Forsyth cheerleaders ranked among top 40 in country
  3. Your Neighbor: Caring for others: Stay-at-home father uses compassion to help animals
  4. Your Neighbor: All walks of life: Australia native creates toy where kids could see each other’s strengths
  5. Your Neighbor: Clear vision: Pediatric ophthalmologist devoted to helping young patients
  6. Your Neighbor: Literary life: Lisa England overcomes stomach cancer, instills love of reading in children
  7. West Forsyth graduate nominated for Grammy
  8. Waist away: Weight loss all about management, motivation
  9. Your Neighbor: Making the world better: Attorney Kerri Sigler works with addicts through drug court treatment
  10. Your Neighbor: Giving back: Karen Garrido knows the importance of helping others
  11. Tight-knit: Mother, son make hats for chemotherapy patients
  12. Your Neighbor: ‘I asked for it:” Dancer Sam Shapiro takes a chance and gets on the world stage
  13. Your Neighbor: Fast track: Bolton Beroth looks to turn pro in dirt bike racing
  14. Your Neighbor: Paw passion: Britt Perkins uses love of animals to help Davie County Humane Society
  15. Showers don’t stop smiles at annual Paws at the Park event
  16. Your Neighbor: Giving back: Family gets involved with hospital after treatment
  17. Your Neighbor: Sharing the news: Family, motherhood lead Nicole Ducouer to pursue career at non-profit
  18. Your Neighbor: Gridiron great: Ryan Mihalko has a passion for working with kids
  19. Your Neighbor: Passion for compassion: Celine Bongaerts provides clients therapy from the comfort of their own home
  20. Your Neighbor: Early diagnosis: Eighth grader has learned firsthand about type1 diabetes
  21. His own boss: Matt Wright leaves corporate world for job where he can help others
  22. Your Neighbor: Giving spirit: Christal Schanes uses television background to help cancer patients
  23. Your Neighbor — Bright star: Etta Idol has lived life to the fullest
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