Letter to the editor: Please vote

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 26, 2023

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Clemmons Community, do you plan to vote this Nov. 7? I know, you’re saying that you see no signs. I know! There are three candidates for three seats on the council. The mayor is running for re-election without opposition.

Like me, you may feel tempted to turn an election that usually has a pitiful turnout into an even worse turnout.

Please vote. Vote to remind the people who get elected that you are still in charge.

Let’s affirm the power of the voter.

For me, the vote for Mike Combest is best. He has always taken a non-partisan, analytical view of the issues with the purist judgment I’ve ever seen on the council. I’ve observed, too many times, that the council members have looked at issues as if their past or their lack of understanding — and maybe even some prejudice — guide their decisions to vote on council. I am sure that Mike’s history as a West Point grad who retired as a brigadier general contributes to his level of understanding that is elevated and explains his high-quality judgement.

I will add that I have gotten to know Bradley Taylor and I think he brings insight and thoughtfulness that I am growing to appreciate. After all, both men are members of our Clemmons Rotary to which they give their portion (not including Mike’s “puns”).

Mike Rogers was the adult-in-the-room for Clemmons when he got elected last time. His re-election matters.

I hope we see more signs in the community. On a separate topic I have wondered if the rule that signs should not be out on public places for greater than two weeks before the election was designed to protect the name recognition of incumbents. I’m sure to hear about that.

Please vote!

— Paul Johnson,