Letter to the editor: Sewer leak smells trouble

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 27, 2024

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On Monday, June 17, I had gone out back to the garbage can when I noticed a strong offensive odor. Shortly thereafter, the wind shifted and I did not smell it anymore. When my husband, Jerry, came home that evening, he asked what was the “water” running down into our yard from next door. By this time, the odor was distinct and offensive.

I called the City of Winston-Salem Utilities and Pioneer Natural Gas as we were not sure if it was sewer or a gas leak. They came out and the city of W-S representative told us that the next-door neighbor would have to call in the problem since it was coming from their yard. By Thursday, June 20, no one had contacted us to check on the “water” leak. On Thursday, June 20, I emailed our HOA management company and told them of the problem and received a response, “that they would look into it.”

On Friday, June 21, I came home with the groceries and was unloading them from my car into the house. By this time, the odor was strong you could not stay outside, even with your mouth covered. About 4 p.m. on Friday, June 21, I called Mike Rogers, mayor of Clemmons. He called me right back and asked if I had notified the city of W-S and Piedmont Natural Gas and I told him I had. In about 5 minutes, a representative from the city of W-S and Piedmont Natural Gas showed up as well as two pumper trucks from city of W-S. They both agreed we had a sewer leak pouring into our yard. The city reps stayed until nearly 8 p.m. on that Friday and returned again on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to continue removing the roots that were in the sewer line. I live in a townhouse community in Clemmons Township, even though I have a Winston-Salem address. I am so proud to have Mike Rogers as my mayor. He is so conscientious about taking care of the needs of residents in Clemmons.

— Mary Grubbs